iPhone 4 In-Dept Review

Apple iPhone will be releasing in two days, June 24th and some of them who pre-ordered already start receiving it. Lucky!! If you are considering on buying next iPhone, check out Engadget’s review. Here is the LINK Enjoy~

Google Voice is Now Open to Public

Google Voice is now open to the public. You can create/get a single phone number through Google voice and it is super easy to setup. Google has over a million active voice users, and number will increase significantly after today. So setup now~! If you don’t know about Google Voice, just watch the video above. Google Voice Link Enjoy~  …

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Canon 5D MK II Underwater Photography

The Aquatica has underwater camera housing for Canon MK II.  It costs around $3000, but the lightweight ergonomic Sea & Sea MDX Pro costs little over $1000. Shooting underwater with 5D MKII seems a great idea compare to other underwater video camera, because of its size and weight.  I attached 5D MK II underwater photography footage for you to see…

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