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Future of Cinema

James Cameron proposed that future films should be shot and projected at either 48 or 60 frames per second.  The result is a lot smoother movement, less strobing effect, feeling of enhanced resolution. Peter Jackson is also shooting The Hobbit in 47.96fps with Red Epic cameras.   READ MORE Enjoy~

The Hobbit Production Begins

The production begins in New Zealand on The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s two films.  Weta Workshop will design and produce weaponry, armour and prosthetics and Weta Digital take on the visual effects for both films, led by  vfx supervisor, Joe Letteri. READ MORE

King Kong 360 3D

Universal Studio Hollywood theme park’s original animatronic King Kong was destroyed in 2008 fire, but Peter Jackson decided to rework to create more realistic experience to visitors. King Kong 360 3D goes live on July 1st.  Visitors will be wearing 3D glasses and enter the soundstage that has surround Digital 3D projection, Skull Island environment complete with raptors and dinosaurs.…

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